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自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】


「1.筆談とは何ですか?」(p12〜13)【How are you writing these sentences?(p18-20)】

「2.大きな声はなぜ出るのですか?」(p14〜15)【Why do people with autism talk so loudly and weirdly?(p21-22)】

「3.いつも同じことを尋ねるのはなぜですか?」(p16〜17)【Why do you ask the same questions over and over?(p23-24)】

「4.どうして質問された言葉を繰り返すのですか?」(p18〜19)【Why do you echo questions back at the asker?(p25-26)】

「5.どうして何度言っても分からないのですか?」(p20〜21)【Why do you do things you shouldn't even when you've been told a million times not to?(p27-28)】

「6.小さい子に言うような言葉使いの方が分かりやすいですか?」(p22〜23)【Do you find childish language easier to understand?(p29-30)】

「7.独特の話し方はどうしてですか?」(p24〜25)【Why do you speak in that peculiar way?(p33-34)】

「8.すぐに返事しないのはなぜですか?」(p26〜27)【Why do you take ages to answer questions?(p35-36)】

「9.あなたの話す言葉をよく聞いていればいいですか?」(p28〜29)【Should we listen to every single word you say?(p37-38)】

「10.どうして上手く会話できないのですか?」(p30〜31)【Should we listen to every single word you say?(p39-40)】

「11.どうして目を見て話さないのですか?」(p34〜35)【Why don't you make eye contact when you're talking?(p43-44)】

「12.自閉症の人は手をつなぐのが嫌いですか?」(p36〜37)【You seem to dislike holding hands with people.(p45-46)】

「13.みんなといるよりひとりが好きなのですか?」(p38〜39)【Do you prefer to be on your own?(p47-48)】

「14.声をかけられても無視するのはなぜですか?」(p40〜41)【Why do you ignore us when we're talking to you?(p51-52)】

「15.表情が乏しいのはどうしてですか?」(p42〜43)【Why are your facial expressions so limited?(p53-54)】

「16.体に触られるのは嫌ですか?」(p44〜45)【Why are your facial expressions so limited?(p55-56)】

「17.手のひらを自分に向けてバイバイするのはなぜですか?」(p46〜47)【Why do you wave goodbye with your palm facing yourself?(p57-57)】

「18.ものすごくハイテンションになるのは嬉しい時ですか?」(p50〜51)【When you're on one of your highs, what's going through your mind?(p60-61)】

「19.フラッシュバックはどんな感じですか?」(p52〜53)【What are your flashback memories like?(p62-63)】

「20.少しの失敗でもいやですか?」(p54〜55)【Why do you make a huge fuss over tiny mistakes?(p64-65)】

「21.どうして言われてもすぐにやらないのですか?」(p56〜57)【Why don't you do what you're told to straight away?(p67-68)】

「22.何かやらされることは嫌いですか?」(p58〜59)【Do you hate it when we make you do things?(p69-69)】

「23.何が一番辛いですか?」(p60〜61)【What's the worst thing about having autism?(p70-71)】

「24.自閉症の人は普通の人になりたいですか?」(p62〜63)【Would you like to be 'Normal'?(p72-73)】

「25.跳びはねるのはなぜですか?」(p66〜67)【What's the reason you jump?(p76-77)】

「26.空中に字を書くのはなぜですか?」(p68〜69)【Why do you write letters in the air?(p78-80)】

「27.自閉症の人はどうして耳をふさぐのですか?うるさいときにふさぐのですか?」(p70〜71)【Why do people with autism often cup their ears? Is it when there's a lot of noise?(p81-82)】

「28.手や足の動きがぎこちないのはどうしてですか?」(p72〜73)【Why do you move your arms and legs about in that awkward way?(p83-84)】


自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】の「28.手や足の動きがぎこちないのはどうしてですか?」(p72〜73)【Why do you move your arms and legs about in that awkward way?(p83-84)】を読みました。

... In my gym class, the teacher tells me to do things like 'Stretch your arms!' and 'Bend at the knees!' But I don't always know what my arms and legs are up to, not exactly. For me, I have no clear sensation of where my arms and legs are attached, or how to make them do what I'm telling them to do. It's as if my limbs are a mermaid's rubbery tail.




自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】の「27.自閉症の人はどうして耳をふさぐのですか?うるさいときにふさぐのですか?」(p70〜71)【Why do people with autism often cup their ears? Is it when there's a lot of noise?(p81-82)】を読みました。


... It's more to do with a fear that if we keep listening, we'll lose all sense of where we are. At times like these, it feels as if the ground is shaking and the landscape around us starts coming to get us, and it's absolutely terrifying. So cupping our ears is a measure we take to protect ourselves, and get back our grip on where we are.





自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】の「26.空中に字を書くのはなぜですか?」(p68〜69)【Why do you write letters in the air?(p78-80)】を読みました。



... When I'm writing them out, I can forget everything else. I'm not alone when I'm with letters.Letters and symbols are much easier for us to grasp than spoken words, and we can be with them whenever we want.




自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】の「25.跳びはねるのはなぜですか?」(p66〜67)【What's the reason you jump?(p76-77)】を読みました。

この本のタイトルになっている質問です。第一の理由は容易に想像のつくものでしたが、「another reason」はショッキングでした。

... So when something happens that affects me emotionally, my body seizes up as if struck by lightning.

'Seizing up' doesn't mean that my muscles literally get stiff and immobile - rather, it means that I'm not free to move the way I want. So by jumping up and down, it's as if I'm shaking loose the ropes that are tying up my body. When I jump, I feel lighter, and I think the reason my body is drawn skywards is that the motion makes me want to change into a bird and fly off to some faraway place.




自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】の「24.自閉症の人は普通の人になりたいですか?」(p62〜63)【Would you like to be 'Normal'?(p72-73)】を読みました。

... But now, even if somebody developed a medicine to cure autism, I might well choose to stay as I am. Why have I come round to thinking this way?


To give the short version, I've learnt that every human being, with or without disabilities, needs to strive to do their best, and by striving for happiness you will arrive at happiness. For us, you see, having autism is normal - so we can't know for sure what your 'normal' is even like. But so long as we can learn to love ourselves, I'm not sure how much it matters whether we're normal or autistic.








自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】の「23.何が一番辛いですか?」(p60〜61)【What's the worst thing about having autism?(p70-71)】を読みました。

The people who are looking after us may say, 'Minding these kids is really hard work, you know!' but for us - who are always causing the problems and are useless at pretty much everything we try to do - you can't begin to imagine how miserable and sad we get.

It's impossible not to wonder why we were born into this world as human beings at all.



We can put up with our own hardships okay, but the thought that our lives are the source of other people's unhappiness, that's plain unbearable.


自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】の「22.何かやらされることは嫌いですか?」(p58〜59)【Do you hate it when we make you do things?(p69-69)】を読みました。


Us kids with autism would like you to watch out for us - meaning, 'Please never give up on us.' The reason I say 'watch out for us' is that we can be made stronger just by the fact you're watching.


自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】の「21.どうして言われてもすぐにやらないのですか?」(p56〜57)【Why don't you do what you're told to straight away?(p67-68)】を読みました。


... Here's how I have to go about things:
1. I think about what I'm going to do.
2. I visualize how I'm going to do it.
3. I encourage myself to get going.


… You can't always tell just by looking at people with autism, but we never really feel that our bodies are our own.


自閉症の僕が跳びはねる理由【THE REASON I JUMP】の「20.少しの失敗でもいやですか?」(p54〜55)【Why do you make a huge fuss over tiny mistakes?(p64-65)】を読みました。


... Once I've made a mistake, the fact of it starts rushing towards me like a tsunami. And then, like trees or houses being destroyed by the tsunami, I get destroyed by the shock. I get swallowed up in the moment, and can't tell the right response from the wrong response. All I know is that I have to get out of the situation as soon as I can, so I don't drown. To get away, I'll do anything. Crying, screaming and throwing things, hitting out even ...

Finally, finally, I'll calm down and come back to myself. Then I see no sign of the tsunami attack - only a wreckage I've made. And when I see that, I hate myself. I just hate myself.