【The Upside of Stress: Why stress is good for you (and how to get good at it)】
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He started talking about good stress (eustress) as an antidote to bad stress (distress). He even tried to improve stress's image, saying in a 1970s interview, "There is always stress, so the only point is to make sure that it is it is useful to yourself and useful to others." But it was too late.

彼も、ストレスの良い面(upside of stress)に気づいていたのです。


In particular, early life stress beefed up regions of the prefrontal cortex that dampen fear responses, improve impulse control, and increase positive motivation. Parker and other scientists believe that childhood stress can also create similarly resilient brains in humans.

すぐキレるのはなぜか?という議論でも「ストレスがあったから」と説明するとみんな納得する風潮ですが、本当は「ストレスがなかったから」なのかもしれません。キレるのを抑えるのは「前頭前皮質(the prefrontal cortex)」の役割でしょうから。

Even in circumstances of great suffering, human beings have a natural capacity to find hope, exert choice, and make meaning. This is why in our own lives, the most common effects of stress include strength, growth, and resilience.